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Looking for help? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in this FAQ.

For any other question, please contact us via our contact form.


Growers : Secret Jardin doesn’t sell directly to end users, please visit our shop locator to find our nearest reseller.

Resellers : Our network is at your disposal, contact us to be linked.

Our products are legally protected by commercial guarantee detailed in our guarantee page.

If your product turns out to be defective, we invite you to contact your dealer who will take care of it locally through our network.


Equipment and price but not materials, see our grow room comparative for complete details.

The clear plastic film on Cosmorrow LEDs is an important part of its patented design. It protects the LED strip, allows it to stay waterproof, and serves to dissipate the heat from the LEDs. You should not remove this film!



Whether you’re a beginner looking to grow a few plants or an experienced grower looking for the most effective solution, a grow tent is the best choice. The excellent space/energy efficiency ratio allows you to grow year-round in a controlled environment, locking light and odors and eliminating the danger of pests.

The type and nature of your crop, as well as your growing environment, are all parameters on which the answer depends. Advises are available in our lighting section and in our ventilation section to help you find the solution that meets your needs.

Several levers can allow you to act on the temperature of your growing room, all our advice can be consulted in our ventilation section.


Repair fabric : The PATCHIT can be used to permanently repair tears and snags in your tent.

Replace structure parts : Find here the spare parts references and products contents.

Intense grow tents are natively designed to be linked together on all 4 sides, see HERE the different linking possibilities depending on the configuration you need.

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