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Looking for help? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in this FAQ.

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Resellers : Our network is at your disposal, contact us to be linked.

Our products are legally protected by commercial guarantee detailed in our guarantee page.

If your product turns out to be defective, we invite you to contact your dealer who will take care of it locally through our network.


Equipment and price but not materials, see our grow room comparative for complete details.

The clear plastic film on Cosmorrow LEDs is an important part of its patented design. It protects the LED strip, allows it to stay waterproof, and serves to dissipate the heat from the LEDs. You should not remove this film!


Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet with the PAR graphs and spectrums for each Cosmorrow bulb and kit for their recommended grow areas.

Cosmorrow Grow Spectrum bulbs produce 6500k cold white light, similar to spring sunlight. This is suitable for early plant growth (seedlings, cuttings) and vegetative growing.

Cosmorrow Full Spectrum bulbs include different LEDs for a more complete light similar to summer sunlight, which is warmer. It’s best used for flowering and fruit-bearing plants in their mature stages. We included a bit of 6500k cold white light so that these bulbs can also be used for early growth stages, making them useful for the full growth cycle.

You should always use Cosmorrow IR and UV Boosters along with your normal lighting. Do not use them on their own!

Cosmorrow UV Boosters are useful for preventing formation of mould and reinforcing your plants’ immunity. They promote growth with shorter internodes, for bushier plants. These should be used for maximum 2h a day during the normal lighting period. We recommend using a separate timer to control UV lighting.

Cosmorrow IR Boosters provide a little extra heat to your plants, and promote development of taller plants, with longer internodes. IR light may also help trigger flowering. You can use these along with your normal lighting, and can use them throughout the lighting period.

Our current line of TNOLED kits can be upgraded simply by adding an extra bulb. The power supply included already has an extra connector ready.

  • TNO40GR : Can be upgraded to 60W by adding one COP2065 bulb.
  • TNO80GR : Can be upgraded to 120W by adding one COP4065 bulb.

Older TNO4065, TNO8065, TNO40BL and TNO80BL cannot be upgraded.

Our current line of Cosmorrow kits can be upgraded by adding extra bulbs and extra power supplies.

  • COM200FS : Can be upgraded to 280W by adding two COP40FS bulbs and either 2x COM40 or 1x COM2X40 power supply.
  • COM100FS : Can be upgraded to 140W by adding two COP20FS bulbs and either 2x COM20 or 1x COM2X20 power supply.
  • COM60FS : Can be upgraded to 100W by adding two COP20FS bulbs and either 2x COM20 or 1x COM2X20 power supply.

Older COM60K and COM100K cannot be upgraded.

Yes! You can install a Ducting Flange in any corner of your tent. This includes the corners on the ceiling as well. You can then connect the extractor and filter as you would on the side of the tent, with no problems whatsoever!

Secret Jardin DF16 on DP

The DF16F100 filter is designed to slot inside the DF16 Ducting Flange, just like the Light Baffle. Because of this, when using a DF16F100 filter, the extractor must be placed outside the Ducting Flange. If you need to keep the extractor inside the tent, we recommend you instead use the larger DF16F150 filter, which you can clip onto the extractor.

Not directly, no. The DF16E350 extractor is designed for use with the DF16 Ducting Flange and DF16 connectors. If your tent is equipped with 25mm diameter poles and DF25 Ducting Flanges, then the diameter of the opening is larger and the extractor will not fit. You can, however, create an interface using Secret Jardin connectors and rubber ducts as shown below.

You will need:

  • DF16150 DF16 Connector for 150mm diameter ducting
  • RD150 150mm diameter rubber duct
  • DF25150 DF25 Connector for 150mm diameter ducting
Connecting the DF16E350 Extractor to DF25 Ducting Flange (Dark Room / Intense) - SCHEMATIC


Whether you’re a beginner looking to grow a few plants or an experienced grower looking for the most effective solution, a grow tent is the best choice. The excellent space/energy efficiency ratio allows you to grow year-round in a controlled environment, locking light and odors and eliminating the danger of pests.

The type and nature of your crop, as well as your growing environment, are all parameters on which the answer depends. Advises are available in our lighting section and in our ventilation section to help you find the solution that meets your needs.

Several levers can allow you to act on the temperature of your growing room, all our advice can be consulted in our ventilation section.


Intense grow tents are natively designed to be linked together on all 4 sides, see HERE the different linking possibilities depending on the configuration you need.

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