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The Original 60 is an elegantly designed grow kit that empower you to grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers in the comfort of your home. This user-friendly kit, operating quietly at 24 volts, features the latest technologies for successful home cultivation, combined with lowest consumption.

This flexible grow room (60cm x 40cm x 116cm) can easily be adapted for cloning and growing applications to suit a variety of situations.


The three shelves (0.75 m2 grow areas) and its intensive spring-like lighting make The Original 60 perfect for cutting, seedling and vegetative plant stages as well as the production of micro-green, small vegetables and small fruits.


The Original 60 offers an additional benefit: starting your plants indoors for eventual transplantation to your outdoor garden. This method boasts several advantages, including the ability to jumpstart your garden during winter and significantly increase the yield of your garden in spring. You can also cultivate plants from seeds indoors, saving outdoor space, time, and even enabling the growth of plants that might not thrive otherwise. This approach allows you to nurture your outdoor garden year-round, optimizing your overall production.

  • GR60 The Original 60
  • HM20 Heating Mat 55x35cm 20W
  • DF16F100 DF16 Carbon Filter CTC80 0.4 kg 100 m3/h
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