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Make your grow tent more flexible. The DUCTING FLANGE allows you to create vents anywhere on your tent and simplifies your configuration. With their 100% airtight design, you can easily connect filters, extractors and ducts. Use it with Secret Jardin ventilation system for optimal assembly.

When combined with the LIGHT BAFFLE, the DUCTING FLANGE becomes a completely lightproof passive intake. Add it to increase airflow through your tent (up to +70%) and cool it more efficiently.


The MOBILE DUCTING FLANGE allows you to install a 315 mm rigid flange wherever you want on a flexible wall. With the cutting tool provided, you can easily position the product and cut through any material that is up to 2.5 mm thick.

  • DF16 Ducting Flange Kit for 16 mm Poles
  • DF16100 Ø100 mm Connector for DF16
  • DF16125 Ø125 mm Connector for DF16
  • DF16150 Ø150 mm Connector for DF16
  • DF16LB DF16 Light Baffle with Mesh
  • DF25 Ducting Flange Kit for 25 mm Poles
  • DF25150 Ø150 mm Connector for DF25
  • DF25160 Ø160 mm Connector for DF25
  • DF25200 Ø200 mm Connector for DF25
  • DF25250 Ø250 mm Connector for DF25
  • DF25LB DF25 Light Baffle with Mesh
  • DFM315K Mobile Ducting Flange Ø315 mm
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