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Replace bulbs of your Cosmorrow/TNoled Kits or create your own system with our 24V Bulbs.

The bulbs are sold separetly from the power supply.

Use them with our Cosmorrow power supplies (COM), or any other 24V power supply.

  • COP2065 Cosmorrow Led 20W PPE2.7 L50cm GROW SPECTRUM
  • COP4065 Cosmorrow Led 40W PPE2.7 L90 cm GROW SPECTRUM
  • COP20BL Cosmorrow Led 20W PPE2.4 L50cm FULL SPECTRUM
  • COP40FS Cosmorrow Led 40W PPE2.85 L70cm FULL SPECTRUM
  • COM20 Cosmorrow Power 1x 20W
  • COM40 Cosmorrow Power 1x 40W
  • COM2X20 Cosmorrow Power 2x 20W
  • COM2X40 Cosmorrow Power 2x 40W
  • COM3X20 Cosmorrow Power 2/3x 20W
  • COM5X20 Cosmorrow Power 4/5x 20W
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