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Add a UV or IR booster whenever needed with our single power supply.
We recommend using it with a timer separate from the main lighting.
INFRARED Supplementary : Trigger flowering – Heat up your plant – Longer internodes
ULTRAVIOLET Supplementary : Boost immune system – Fights mould – Shorter internodes

  • COL20IR Cosmorrow 20w INFRARED (for 60x40cm space)
  • COL40IR Cosmorrow 40w INFRARED (for 60x60cm space)
  • COL20UV Cosmorrow 20w ULTRAVIOLET (for 90x60cm space)
  • COL40UV Cosmorrow 40w ULTRAVIOLET (for 90x90cm space)
  • COM20 Cosmorrow Power 1x 20w
  • COM40 Cosmorrow Power 1x 40w
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