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Transforming Agriculture for a Sustainable Future with Indoor Growing

In a world faced with the dual challenge of achieving energy efficiency and increasing local food production in urban areas, indoor farming emerges as a groundbreaking solution. Since 2006, we’ve been pioneering the urban gardening industry, committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for professional cultivators and passionate enthusiasts in this rapidly evolving field.

Our Mission

At Secret Jardin, we’re driven by a singular mission – to create a safer, more resilient, and sustainable world through indoor farming.

Our Product Range

From innovative growing tents and rooms to high-performance fans and lighting equipment, our European-designed products have earned a reputation for their unmatched reliability and endurance. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a seasoned professional, or a dedicated researcher, our diverse portfolio offers solutions for a wide range of applications.

We are dedicated to democratizing indoor farming, addressing the challenges faced by growers, and supporting the transition to a more sustainable, energy-efficient, and resilient world. Join us on this exciting journey towards a greener future!


Apartment gardening

Secret Jardin offers elegantly designed grow kits that empower you to grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers in the comfort of your home. These user-friendly kits, operating quietly at 24 volts, feature the latest technology for successful home cultivation. With two distinct models to choose from, one with spring-like lighting for lighter plants and another with summer-like lighting for larger, sun-loving crops, you can tailor your indoor garden to your specific needs. Secret Jardin invites you to enjoy the convenience, safety, and cutting-edge technology of their solutions for a bountiful home harvest.

With the spring-like model, you can grow all kind of herbs, like Parsley, chives, basil, rosemary, tarragon, coriander, tarragon, mint, verbena, sorrel, oregano, dill, chervil, marjoram, sage, thyme, bay leaf. You can also grow tropical herbs, like Curry Leaf Tree, Lemon Grass, Kaffir Lime, Vietnamese Coriander, Cuban Oregano, Culantro (Vietnamese Cilantro), Cinnamon, Curry Leaf, Tamarind, Ginger/Galangal/Tumeric, Cardamom, Pepper (Black Peppercorns).

With the summer-like model, here are some examples of possible vegetables with their annual production potential in kilograms:

Species For Twenty 100 (FS100)
Tomatoes 20
Pepper 11
Bell Pepper 15
Cucumber 20
Eggplant 15
Zucchini 22
Hemp 0.5

Annual potential production in kg

Feed & boost your outside garden

Secret Jardin Grow Stations, especially the spring-like models with shelves, offer an additional benefit: starting your plants indoors for eventual transplantation to your outdoor garden. This method boasts several advantages, including the ability to jumpstart your garden during winter and significantly increase the yield of your garden in spring. You can also cultivate plants from seeds indoors, saving outdoor space, time, and even enabling the growth of plants that might not thrive otherwise. This approach allows you to nurture your outdoor garden year-round, optimizing your overall production.

The Original 60 (GR60): 105 to 600 seedlings/cutting of any kind per cycle (35 to 200 cells trays).

Make your own micro-greens

Secret Jardin offers two specialized kits for cultivating microgreens, a trend that’s gaining popularity. The first is designed for families looking to enjoy homegrown microgreens, providing 0.75 m² of microgreen space. The second, larger kit, targets restaurants and local producers supplying nearby eateries, offering a substantial 3.5 m² of cultivation area. These kits incorporate the classic advantages of Secret Jardin products, as previously mentioned.

Here are some examples of microgreens that can be cultivated with their annual production potential in kilograms for both the small and large versions:

Species The Original 60 (GR60) The Original 200 (GR200)
Arugula 10 50
Basil 2.5 12
Radish 4.5 21.5
Kale 4.5 21.5
Spinach 3 15
Mustard 5 25

Annual potential production in kg

With these specialized kits, you can effortlessly grow a variety of microgreens to enjoy at home or supply local restaurants, all year round.

Market Gardeners cuttings & seedling stations

Les Jardins de Loïc, a Northern France-based organic farm, utilize our Secret Jardin DP120 propagation tents with shelving for plant cultivation and propagation. Operating seven of these tents year-round enables them to achieve self-sufficiency. With approximately 23,000 plants produced annually in four growing seasons, their electricity costs of around 2,300 euros render their prices for cuttings and plants sustainable. Their diverse cultivation includes vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

By choosing Secret Jardin propagators over traditional greenhouses, they enjoy multiple benefits. These include lower initial investment, significantly reduced space requirements, minimal heating and cooling needs, rapid setup and dismantling, proximity to living spaces, and the ability to cultivate plants continuously throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. This ensures a straightforward and consistent production process.

Secret Jardin proposes two kinds of propagators allowing to make:

The Original 60 (GR60): 105 to 600 seedlings/cutting of any kind per cycle (35 to 200 cells trays).

The Original 200 (GR200): 525 to 3000 seedlings/cutting of any kind per cycle (35 to 200 cells trays)

CBD producer & large grow area

Our Intense line of tents is tailored to meet the needs of professional growers requiring custom spaces. The base modules – 480×300 cm and 800×360 cm – can operate independently, allowing for cultivation of different species at various stages.

They can also be connected to create customizable large growing “rooms” that adapt to their environment.

Equipped with high-quality materials (25 mm stainless steel structure, 900D fabric, highly reflective Mylar), their Ducting Flange entry-exit systems make them compatible with all existing atmosphere management systems.

Whether you’re a small-scale market gardener, producing and selling locally, or a large national producer, our Intense line will meet your expectations.

School (

Ligra DS, an Italian company specializing in educational solutions, is offering Secret Jardin indoor grow tents to schools in Italy. These tents allow students to learn the techniques of indoor and hydroponic cultivation, which can be beneficial for students in several ways. Indoor and hydroponic cultivation can teach students about the science of plant growth, sustainability, and the importance of food security. It can also be a fun and rewarding experience for students, and it can help them develop valuable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.


Companies specializing in agricultural research are developing controlled growing environments for researchers using Secret Jardin grow tents and their equipment’s to have a stable and consistent environment for plants, which is crucial for obtaining accurate research results.

These companies custom design and build the grow tents according to the specific requirements of each researcher. These grow tents are utilized by researchers across various fields including plant breeding, pest control, and crop yield optimization.

“We are committed to providing researchers with the tools they need to conduct precise and dependable research,” stated Dr. Maria Papadopoulos, researcher. “Our grow tents play a vital role in fulfilling that commitment.”


Secret Jardin also offers its entire range of products individually to cater to various special applications and unique project requirements. Our standalone product offerings include lighting, ventilation systems, the tent itself, and other essential accessories.

Contact us if you have questions or ideas about special integrations of our products.

Our technologies

Grow Tents: Our grow tents come in various sizes, with or without shelves. They ensure a stable atmosphere and utilize top-of-the-line materials. Easy to access, they are also simple to assemble, providing unmatched convenience for users who desires creating his own environments.

Lighting: The Cosmorrow light is a patented LED lighting system developed by Secret Jardin. It is designed for indoor plant growing and offers several advantages over other LED lighting systems.

The key to the Cosmorrow LED’s performance is its unique cooling system. The LED is wrapped in a plastic sleeve that is shrunk by heating. The plastic is ten times more thermally conductive than air, which allows the LED circuit to cool without the need for a heat sink. This makes the LED very compact, lightweight, rugged, and durable because it is not hot.

Operating at 24 volts, the Cosmorrow is proposed in different spectrum (Spring, Summer, UV, IR as well customized…) and different powers & lengths.


Atmosphere control: Secret Jardin offers a range of extractors, filters, and fans that can be used to create and control the environment in indoor grow spaces. These products are designed to be quiet, efficient, and durable. They operate at 24 volts and are equipped with EC controllers, which allow them to be adjusted from 0 to 100%. They also have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Vertical grow

Indoorline, an Italian company specializing in vertical growing spaces, uses Secret Jardin technologies to build these spaces for cutting-edge plant research companies. These spaces are equipped with Secret Jardin tents, Cosmorrow LED lights, and extractors and fans that allow the atmosphere to be homogenized and controlled independently for each level of cultivation.

In the image, we see an Intense 600 tent equipped with three hydroponic lines (one for tall plants, two for short plants) with Secret Jardin extractors at the end of the lines and MF30 mixing fans. This space was specifically designed for a university to study the effects of nutrients on plant growth.

Nemo’s Garden: “Growing under water”

Nemo’s Garden ( – in collaboration with Indoorline – envisions an innovative agricultural system tailored for regions facing extreme environmental, economic, or morphological challenges in plant cultivation, where traditional methods struggle to thrive. Their vision centers on harnessing readily available natural resources, with the primary focus being the world’s oceans and water bodies.

When it comes to illumination, Nemo’s Garden has opted for Secret Jardin’s Cosmorrow for its unique key advantages: splash-proof (IP65), safe (24 volts), reliable (50 000 hours), as well as robust and compact. What’s more, their impressive efficiency, boasting a PPE of 2.85 umol/s/m², makes them the perfect choice for life beneath the waves.

By June 2023, all nine of Nemo’s biospheres were fully operational, fostering a diverse array of 786 plants in various growth stages. Their offerings span from thyme, lemon balm, woolly mint, basil, and verbena for intensive production, to limited sample cultivation of tobacco, aloe, dill, coriander, edible flowers, okra, and dragon tongue. Nemo’s Garden is pioneering a new era of underwater agriculture.

La Chambre 40: “An innovative anti-mold device for archives & libraries” from

La Chambre 40® is an innovative solution developed by the French company Page à Page Conservation, designed to protect historical documents from microbial contamination. This pioneering technology offers a breakthrough in archival and library preservation. La Chambre 40® serves as a vital tool for proactively conserving valuable collections, adhering to the highest conservation standards.

By incorporating Secret Jardin’s propagation tents and modular shelving, this chamber becomes easily transportable, user-friendly, and quick to set up. You have complete control over the humidity levels within the chamber, allowing you to tailor the preservation process to your specific needs.

Are you assembling your “emergency response kit” for safeguarding your precious collections? The drying chamber is an essential component: when disassembled, it occupies minimal space in its waterproof bag, making it easy to transport and install wherever your collections are at risk. In just a matter of days, your documents are thoroughly dried, safeguarded from mold growth, and ready for future generations to enjoy.

MyFood: “Grow your fruits & vegetables at home”

MyFood – – an Alsace-based company, is dedicated to rekindling people’s connection with their food, a mission that’s deeply ingrained in its core values. The company specializes in providing innovative, ready-to-use glass greenhouses for year-round home cultivation of fruits and vegetables, requiring less than two hours of maintenance per week. With a growing community of nearly 1,000 users, MyFood offers daily agronomic support. Furthermore, the wealth of knowledge amassed is freely shared in an open-source spirit, aiming to create a lasting impact on society.

MyFood choice of Secret Jardin Cosmorrow lighting is based on its low voltage, perfect compatibility with their greenhouses, water-resistant design, and effortless integration – simply hang them amidst your plants, ensuring they don’t emit heat that could potentially harm your crops.

Greenery Latvia

In Latvia, an industrial innovator is outfitting supermarket produce shelves with Cosmorrow lighting from Secret Jardin. These fixtures are water-resistant and operate at 24 volts, making them ideal for the humid summer conditions. Supermarkets even employ a fine water mist to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, making Cosmorrow LED lighting a smart choice for both efficiency and product quality.

Why not use Secret Jardin tents to free your brain?

Drawing on Secret Jardin grow tents’ canvases becomes a gateway to freeing the mind, where every brushstroke unleashes imagination. These blank canvases transform into spaces of surprising creativity, nurturing both plants and artistic inspiration. With the possibility of adding special applications, one can even envision unexpected and astonishing uses for these versatile canvases.

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