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Hydro Shoot 240

Reference HS240
Revision R2.00
Weight 19.6kg
Dimensions 238cm x 238cm x 200cm
Web Plant Support (Option) 2x WEBIT240W
Water Tray 2x WT240W
Socks 4x Ventilation Ø380mm
Cable Flange 3x CABLE FLANGE Ø70mm (CF7D) Video
Handling 5x HANDLING, supporting up to 15kg on a single bar and 75kg per tent.
Length : 120cm
Ventilation advised (not included) 2x MF30
Lighting advised Level III (HPS) = 2400W
Level III (LED PE2.7) = 1600W

More information here
Volume Tent 11.3m3
Extraction advised when filter on * 1 min cycle : Extraction 900m3/h - Intake : 50 %
2 min cycle : Extraction 650m3/h - Intake : 50 %

More information here

* If no filter, decrease by 40% extraction needs
Raw materials Canvas M210D Mylar
Poles Ø19mm (Q195 Powder Painted)
Corners 4mm PolyPropylene
Removable M210D Mylar Water Tray
Bottom PE210D
Assembly instructions > HYDRO SHOOT R2.00 INSTRUCTIONS <
WARNING Have your electrical installation checked by a professional in case of doubt.
Refer to the document FIRE AND VENTILATION for more information.


HS240: 238cm x 238cm x 200cm

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