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Increase your grow space by up to 25% with our SPACE BOOSTER system. It keeps the grow tent material away from your plants during high-power extraction. It reinforces your tent and keeps it from imploding. It can also be used to keep the WEBIT in place.

Consult the product sheets to define your needs


The HANDLING TUBE allows you to install lighting and ventilation wherever you want. There are two hooks in the corners so two bars can easily be stacked on top of each other without getting in the way. This system also allows two parallel bars to be positioned at exactly the same height. These tubes can support from 10 to 25 kg on a single bar, depending on the tube’s diameter.

Consult the product sheets to define your needs


The SUPPORTIT reinforces your grow tent if heavy lighting or ventilation is added. The rubber wedge is hollow so it can be placed on a tube or on the floor.

Consult the product sheets to define your needs


The CARRYIT is a stand that allows you to place your ballast on your grow tent safely without damaging it. Place it on a handling tube for perfect adherence with no risk of it falling.


The GRID6040 allows you to add extra shelves wherever you want. Use it with the DP90 or DP120. It can be clipped on quickly, anywhere you like with the four clips provided. It can also be placed under the roof of the tent with a handling tube to create a storage tray or to stack several tents.


The STRAPIT allows you to hang and support your ventilation and lighting systems. The metal buckle has teeth, so it stays securely in place.

  • CARRYIT Ballast Support 13 x 36 cm 10 kg
  • GRID6040 Grid 60 x 40 cm
  • STRAPIT45 2x StrapIT Ø45 cm 30 kg each
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