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Cosmorrow® Led 40w 24V L90Cm ULTRAVIOLET

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Reference COL40UV
Weight 0.32kg
Dimensions 870mm x 32mm x 14.5mm
Power Consumption : 40 W
Voltage : 24 V
Current : 1.67 A
Color Line 1 : 6500 K
Line 2 : 365 nm
Line 3 : 6500 K
PE [350-1000] Laboratory* : 68 μmol/s
Laboratory* : 1.7 μmol/s/w
Environment Class : IP65

Working T° : 0°C to 40°C
Storing T° : -20°C to 60°C

24V Plug : IEC 60130-10 OD5.5 ID2.1 L10


The Cosmorrow® LED UV allows you to keep the UV part of your spectrum on a separate channel. UV can be used to reduce mold development, make you leaf thicker and stronger, enhance the immune system of your plant… Your plant will also be more compact (shorter internodes). Combine it with other Cosmorrow® spectrums to get the best of your harvest!

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