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Cosmorrow® Led 20W 24V L50Cm BLOOMING

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Reference COL20BL
Weight 0.16kg
Dimensions 470mm x 32mm x 14.5mm
Power Consumption : 20 W
Voltage : 24 V
Current : 0.83 A
Color Line 1 : 6500 K
Line 2 : 2100 K
Line 3 : 660 nm
Environment Class : IP65

Working T° : 0°C to 40°C
Storing T° : -20°C to 60°C

24V Plug : IEC 60130-10 OD5.5 ID2.1 L10
PPF - µmol/s
PPE - µmol/s/w


The BLOOM Cosmorrow LED, also called the Full Spectrum light, is designed for blooming and fruiting, with a red peak at 660 nm. The blue peak at 440 nm also makes it suitable for cutting and growing. We recommend installing it at a distance of 15cm to 35cm from your plants.

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